Clarus 500


Provides high quality photos of the retina without dilation or drops. The camera is able to take photos quickly, providing documentation and clear image of even the most difficult patients. And the best part is YOU get to see your retina!

CA 800


Top of the line Corneal Topographer provides accurate analysis of the corneal shape and curvatures providing most accurate specialty contact lens fittings.

Visual Field Analyzer 


Mapping out patients' visual fields allows for treatment and management of glaucoma and other retinal conditions.

i-Care Tonometer

Reliable and accurate intraocular pressure readings without any drops or “air puff ''.

Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction Equipment 


The VRx provides a precise, efficient, and patient friendly refraction experience. 


The patient begins at the auto refractor, which estimates the baseline prescription and sends that information to the phoroptor VRx. From there Dr. Simmons fine tunes the prescription with the state of the art digital refraction equipment.

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